Semalt Web Analysis

Having your websites reach its full potential isn’t as easy as it may sound. And I’m sure you may have realized that by now. It takes constant monitoring, tweaking, and analysis to ensure you’re doing things in the right way. Many times such review is better when it is done by professionals who have experience knowing what to look for on your website. As entrepreneurs, we’re sure you have come to believe that it is better to do things yourself. However, no one is an island. To make you feel better, with Semalt, you are aware of all the steps we take in making your website great. 

So don’t think of it as you putting your website in our control but rather take it as a partnership. This way, we can better transfer your vision to your website and ensure you organically generate leads. 

To understand the basics of SEO optimization, we'd suggest you explore our site to learn more. We have loads of educational content to help you know how we can help you.


Here, we discuss all the tools needed for the comprehensive analysis of websites. This doesn’t just include yours but also your competitions. This discovers the use of keywords on your website, and it also ranks your keywords. We go further to show you your traffic driving page (this is the page that most people visit), and we determine your position in the organic search result.  

When we explore your competition, we figure out what you are lacking. Studying the competition metrics allows us to understand the reasons behind their rising number of traffic. We then apply this knowledge to your site.  

We take pride in explaining and breaking things down for you to help you understand. We don't like the "I do you watch approach." Instead, we take this as a partnership. This way, we both mix the chemicals in the chemistry lab "figuratively," and we don't leave all the fun things to the brainy students.  

By definition, SERP stands for Search Engine Result Page. These are pages displayed by search engines when a user or in the case Semalt requests it. The primary purpose of this result is to understand how efficiently keywords are used on your website.  

SERP is your website's report card. It includes a title, a link to your web page, and a short description. This description shows where keywords have matched the contents on the page. What this means is that you can’t have a website on car dealerships, and your keywords are Fishes, Ocean, Aquarium, etc. you get the point. Whichever keywords you use needs to correspond with the services you provide. If not, your website will continue attracting the wrong audience.  

Due to the details contained in this report, it often comes in several pages. Although you can restrict what is displayed, we prefer to go full in, by crossing all the T's and dotting the I’s. 

In viewing this result, the first page has the most relevant information. As you move towards the end of the report, the relevance of data it contains reduces until you make up your mind not to continue.  Just like in advertisement or really anything in life, the most important things come first. 

In the end, SERP shows you what position your website takes in the classroom of sites. And since you generate leads organically using keywords, you get to understand what you’re doing wrong and what you will need to adjust. By knowing what is wrong, we know where to work on. 


There are four components of the SERP. We have Paid search ads, organic search results, local search results, and the related searches.
  • Paid search ads: this is a way to gain inorganic traffic. Here, you pay Google to optimize your website by drawing the viewers’ attention to it. This way, your site gets views, but this doesn’t always get you leads. And, there’s no guarantee that when you stop paying for these ads, you’ll continue having high traffic to your site. 
  • Organic search results: this has Semalt written all over it. This is when you use SEO to draw traffic to your site naturally. Organic search results are considered trustworthy. With a professional use of SEO, your gig usually ranks at the top of Google’s top pages. This gives your website a better chance of converting these clicks to clients.  
  • Local search results: here, you see a list, map, and contacts for businesses within a search radius. The search radius is determined by a bunch of conditions and the user’s preference. This is why it’s essential for companies to set up within Google’s business page. 
  • Related searches: Related searches are overlooked most times. These are the little boxes you see at the bottom of the result page after you’ve searched for anything. These are created based on the keywords the user used in the search box. 
However, the SERP of big search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo may involve several enhanced result features. They include elements like the quality of your snippet, images, maps, definitions answer box, etc. 


Also known as a User search string, this is the word or the string of words users type into the search box. Do you know how you can search just about anything on Google? Well, there are a number of ways a user can search for, but keywords are still maintained.

But if search engines relied on what a user types in alone, many sites will never see the light of day. So, search engines modify its algorithm and the overall intelligence of its search engine.

The search query is no longer possible based on only what a user searches. Instead, companies like Google factor in other variables. Over time, the context has grown from just matching words to intelligent thinking. This way, misspelled words are corrected, and relating keywords are also displayed. 

The content shows you how Google treats your website. Do they consider it a unique source or not? Here, you can check the exact percentage of just how unique your content is. We all want to be special or different, and this feature helps us achieve that. With content, you learn what parts of your text are plagiarized, and you get a peek into the primary source.

No one is an island, so expect to see a bit of plagiarism. It’s our job, however, to make your text as unique and special as possible. Although you gather data from other sources, you need to make it your own, add a bit of yourself and company into it. This goes a long way in helping your readers connect better to your company and brand.  

Google Webmasters

With our user-friendly interface, we can manage multiple websites at a time. By submitting your domains or URLs to Google, we can track their performance with ease. With Google webmaster, you have all the tools you need to monitor and improve your site. To enjoy the services of Google webmaster, you first need to create an account. Google webmaster is a vital tool for the success of any website. It goes as far as to show you how your website performs on phones and tablets, see other sites linking to yours, and it evaluates your queries.

How can Google webmaster monitor the performance of your website?
  • It verifies that Google can access the content on your website
  • It allows you to add and remove pages on your websites
  • It helps you evaluate your website and discover ways to provide a better experience for your readers. 
  • You can maintain your website without disrupting its presence in search results. 
  • You can discover and eliminate malware or spam problems that may have slipped through the cracks if searched for any other way. 
Google webmaster is an essential tool when analyzing websites. It shows us where and what to do. 

Page speed

This analyzes how fast your web pages load. Google uses this analysis to determine if your pages or website meets the requirements of Google. Here, you will also be shown the existing errors that you will need to fix on your website as well as how to generally improve your websites. 

Typically, you would prefer a website that loads pages faster. Anything longer than 10 seconds starts to feel like a whole day. This is why having fast loading websites is better for you and your viewers. Google wants its users to be happy, which means they need fast websites. So your website needs to be as fast as possible for Google to rank your website. And we need this for your website to appear on the top searches, giving your business more chances to grow. 

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